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7th December 2019 


In my private practice, I offer counselling and psychotherapy to both individuals and couples. People come with a wide range of problems; typical amongst these are relationship problems, anxiety, life crises or depression. Sometimes people are feeling stuck in life, doubting what life can offer. Or they may be coping with the aftermath of a trauma or bereavement. Physical health may be being affected.

I specialise in time focused therapy: initially a single session consultation with the potential for meeting for an agreed time period. My fee for individuals is 65 for a 50 minute session, 80 for 60 minutes with couples. I ask for 48 hour notice for cancelling a session, otherwise the fee is payable in full.

If you would like to consider therapy, then I suggest you contact me either by email or phone. I will be happy to answer queries and then, if you wish, arrange an initial meeting. Here we would explore your issues, what you are hoping for from therapy and how we might work together. I am very happy to make suggestions of other practitioners or approaches if this seems more appropriate.